Sunday, 13 May 2012

Ideas #1

As this is the first post on my blog I guess I'd better start with something formal like: "Hello, welcome to my amazing blog on which you will find lot's of brilliant ideas concocted by myself". Of course this would be intensely sarcastic of me because I don't really care about formalities like this.
My inspiration to start this blog came from many late nights of research & idea creating. I sort of see myself as an amateur philosopher, if that doesn't sound too pretentious, & I often find myself with a whole heap of ideas playing on my mind which I just have to share. I think my facebook friends are starting to get a bit sick of my ramblings (although no doubt I will link to my posts via my facebook) so a blog is a good place for them. I do have a slight prejudice towards bloggers (admittedly this now includes me) I've always seen them as slightly self obsessed, egotistical & really someone who hasn't got enough friends to talk to so they open a media channel in order to supplement their loneliness.

But enough about the blog more about ideas!

Earlier I was researching into the current worldwide economic crisis we're experiencing. This is a fruitful research task as the internet is rife with sources & documentaries (allot of documentaries) which are gagging to give you their version of "the truth". I've been aware of what's going on since I was actually quite little as a result of many conversations with stoned hippies around camp-fires at festivals. What I've come to realise is that there are a couple of different ways of telling people what's going down. Admittedly allot of the crucial dynamics involved occur behind closed doors in the privacy of politicians & lobbyists quarters which leads to a certain level of uncertainty which in turn leads to its own level of interpretation. Most often what you'll hear from the average spiritual fadist, tend to run along the lines of the Illuminati story:

The Illuminati Story
This is the main caustic social agent which journalists attempting to discredit the fear of our current governmental system will latch on to. It describes the political system of the world quite literally as an empire run by an (often of extra-terrestrial reptilian descent) ruling elite. Who have been quietly pulling the strings of governments around the world & orchestrating just about every bad thing that has happened. Sources vary from suggesting they've been in power since the formation of the original Bavarian group formed in the late 1700s to a new group of superpowers who have arisen in the past century. Either way a fair few supporters of this theory claim that the group performs satanic rituals to bring about the anti-christ.

I think that while people in this category have many valid points, they tend to mix the valid ones with too many unprovable and frankly fantastical claims for anyone to take them seriously. This could prove detrimental to ever clearly showing people en-mass the political injustice that's occurring. Some might even argue that this sort of conspiracy theory has been vindictively concocted by the very people that it's about, in order drive away the attention from what's really going on, but then again that's blatantly just a conspiracy theory.

Really I think that we can safely discredit most of the ridiculous claims suggested by the Illuminati theorists. If you are reading this & have just found the information I just divulged compelling please allow me to refer you too the works of David Icke (Author of Children of the Matrix), Michael Tsarion (The Origins & Oracles DVD series) & of course the well respected author Mai Bum-Whol (Author of History of Ancient Stuff & how it's Mystically Linked to an Alien Supremecy).
I would like to point out at this point that I do not disbelieve some of the claims made by David Icke (mainly) & Michael Tsarion (not so much - more of a bullshitmongery for money kind of guy). In some of Divid Icke's material he mentions an elite family of financial businessmen. Although I am critical of the format in which it's presented. The modern stigma around conspiracy culture is detrimental to it's ability to be believable. The idea of there being an elite family of actually blood (or marriage) related oligarchs while may or may not be true is hard to believe. Although I would argue that often members of the UK parliament and the American white-house have been related to high up bankers, oil tycoons and other politicians. But I believe it is necessary from a journalistic perspective to dispel the image that it's a matter of "us and them" because at the end of the day that will only further the current public unrest, and we'll only end up with more people writing "class war" at every political demonstration we go to.

From my personal perspective it is clear that there is a "revolving door" provably between members of the U.S. defence department and multi-national weapons manufacturers. Similarly the U.S. Department of health is rife with ex-employees of companies such as Monsanto. In the U.K. both Nick Clegg & David Cameron have high ranking relations in the financial sector. So it's clear to me that at least two of the worlds political & economical superpowers are highly susceptible to corporate interest. For those of you who aren't aware the realistic implications of what this means; It means a move in policies away from public interest and away from services such as healthcare and education and a re-alignment of the governments interests to meet the needs of large companies who do not care for the welfare of the common people. Looks pretty grim.
But not to worry in my following posts I will be outlining and comparing some of the proposed solutions to our current socio-political crisis.

Bibliography coming when I can be bothered.


  1. Hi Zak,

    Really importantly, you do highlight the links between big business and Western "democratic" leaders in your post here. It's not difficult to google and find lists of companies that donate to politicians, and how much is given. It makes some compelling reading but also removes any semblance of trust one can have in large-scale democratic process as it's currently set up across the world.

    The extension of this into the Illuminati story is kinda obvious too. If we have these close ties between government and big business, and we have experienced that magic and spirituality are real, experiencable phenomena, then it makes sense that those with magical power might go to some lengths to strengthen and consolidate their political and economic power.

    I think this is what it all boils down to: the extreme consolidation of power by a small number of people. This is observable and thus we can campaign and/or fight against it and/or increase our awareness of it. Once we're aware of this happening, I think there's not much point extrapolating a belief into the Illuminati (as you've described it) as this is counter-productive for obvious reasons, and easily dismissed.

    But also, if we are aware and witnessing the consolidation of power, why not call it a conspiracy? And why the quick dismissal of the "us versus them" mentality? I think this is useful and important to foster, but not in isolation.

    Let me explain what I mean. There are numerous maps and methods for describing any phenomena... In some circumstances, "we are all one" is beautiful and useful and accurate... but in other situations it's less useful. Likewise with the "us versus them" mentality - it does describe a quantifiable phenomena and thus it has validity to talk about it in these certain circumstances. The problems stems from putting full faith into any model or Belief System (BS) - that's when the seeker gets lost and loses power.

    Looking forward to your next blog. Best wishes from Seani Fool x

    1. Thanks seani, yeah I get what you're saying. I think it's good to consider that the people your opposing have human qualities too. This will help us to disarm them. That's what I meant. I think that dehumanising is a big problem for people in conflict. It only really leads to more bitterness & further conflict.