Thursday, 30 May 2013

A Quick Disproof of Infinite Possibility

Ok, haven't made any posts in a while... been studying. I've been contemplating this problem for a while now. Since I was introduced to the idea I had some major difficulties coming to terms with the idea. Now, down to business. Often this idea is linked with the concept that the universe is infinite.

My logic is as follows: if everything that could happen does but in a parallel universe. Then it follows that there is a universe in which you yourself obtain the means of travelling to this very universe & killing yourself. In a reality with infinite possibility, what's to stop this from happening. In fact in a universe where everything happens there is a you that destroys the very everything that you exist within. It's a major paradox.

An awful lot of respectable physicists support this theory. I know it's probably really a nice dreamy idea you can use to chat up women, but it's fundamentally flawed. It would be good to understand the logical link (if any) between infinite possibility & infinite universe.

Originally I was going to call this article " A Quick Disproof of the Infinite Universe Theory" but I thought that it would probably be best not to, seeing as I was uncertain of whether or not this disproves the theory. If you have an idea about this then please do not hesitate to contact me. Who knows this could be a disproof of the theory once & for all.

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