Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Hacking Off Limbs: A Guide to Prioritising Detachment

It seems to me that often people associate revolution naively with the idea that it will miraculously make everything better. I think that in order for real change to happen you need to make sacrifices. Seems to be the main thing stopping it from happening. If you really want things to get better, you need to shed your attachments to things that aren't actually helping the situation. Even though it's uncomfortable, that's what we call a commitment I guess.

In order for real change to occur, in any situation, not specifically a revolution, there is a certain degree of sacrifice required. It can be useful when undergoing a self transformation to destroy objects that represent the old you. Similarly in countries where there is a regime change, liberation or revolution they usually destroy the monuments of their old leaders.
This type of progressive movement allows us to move forwards with our lives unattached to what was holding us in the past. The present moment is the most important one. That's not to say that you shouldn't plan for the future. It just means that what we have to deal with now will always top the list of priorities. Usually it's some form of attachment that holds us back. Although sometimes this can manifest in the form of Billie not smashing in Jack's face due to the fact that it would hurt someone he loves. Sometimes attachment can cause us to think twice.
The trick is in being able to analyse & pick out the stuff that's holding you back. Now look at this in the context of a revolution: A populous needs correct motive, true direction & to be rid of attachments that are holding it back. Also a populous needs to have an idea of what it wants to do after, as a matter of fact that should be the driving force of the movement. We can't have these wishy washy movements without a sense of direction, purpose or ideology. True action demands that we organise and plan ahead by taking in the moment.

How do we asses what needs to go?

Now we come down to a question that is truly deep, truly profound. This question concerns subjects that have piqued the interests of great minds over the centuries. Essentially what it comes down to is morality. In the context of revolution & self-development, dispose of the immoral. Dispose of those things which cause you to act selfishly. Strip all politicians who previously led the country into crisis for their own gain. Because in a commune self interest has no place. We must analyse scrupulously our assets, actions and associations. We must know what is wrong, only then can we find a cure.

To reiterate I don't think we should all go & persue a life of minimalism, become a monk or a hermit. I think we should live, & live life to the fullest. Sure some may find that they need to strip away the garments of modern life in order to find what is inside themselves. Yet, we all have true potential, it's just the unlocking it that is the hard part. Detachment is a necessary part of the journey. To what degree, that is up to your discretion.

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